The Rules and Regulations are issued in English and Russian. In case of doubt the Russian version will be valid.

Please fill in the entry form very carefully. These details provided will be used for certificates and other festival listings. Once the entry form has been submitted, changes are not possible.

Films taking part in the Festival Competition should meet the following requirements:

• Foto production has to be completed after January 1st, 2016 (inclusive).

• The total duration of the film cannot exceed the respective duration according to the Production Type;

• The foto should be in English or Russian languages.

• Applicants should fill in all the required fields of the entry form, sign it and send it.


Paragraf 1 - About

(International Tourism Foto Festival "Divo Eurasia" iis organized in cooperation with the International League of Tourism Festivals - ITFL "Eurasia" (International Tourism Festival League "Eurasia") with its a seat in Russia. )

The aim of the festival is to present the latest trends in tourism Photography and the recognition of the visual productions according to their artistic level and impact on the target group. The Festival supports the development of national and foreign tourism.

Paragraf 2 – Sections, Competitions and Categories

International Tourism Foto Festival "Divo Eurasia" accepts Photographys for the following Competitive Section:

International awards – For Photographys from all over the world

Thematics categories:

A. Nature & Wildlife

B. Historical and cultural attractions

C. Adventure, Expeditions & Travelling

D. Events


All entry forms should reach the organizers no later than 30.08.2020

Photographys and documents are to be sent to the following e-mail address:

Each submission must be accompanied by:

• The entry form completed and signed.

• Photography (jpeg or tiff formats).

  • Классическая иконка Facebook
  • иконка youtube с прозрачным фоном


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